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 strictly monitored by Intelligence... the law is behind


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pic. left : No.1 "Taiwanese privacy" on Bing, 2023-5-9, 2022-12-31, 2022-10-11, 2022-6-12, 2022-3-23, 2021-9-12, 2021-8-9, 2021-6-24, 2021-5-4, 2021-4-24, 11-8-2020; pic. right:  No.1 "Taiwanese privacy" on Yahoo, 2022-12-31, 2022-10-11, 2022-6-12, 2022-3-23, 2021-8-9, 2021-6-24, 2021-5-4, 2021-4-24,11-8-2020, 3-16-2019


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Bloomberg,2024-2-29: Taiwan's military said hackers took sensitive information from Chunghwa Telecom Co. and Taiwanese national security units and sold them on the internet msn.com/en-us/money/other/taiwan-military-says-hackers-sold-telecom-giant-s-data-on-web/ar-BB1j667G   Cindy Wang


United Daily (聯合報),2023-12-11: Taiwanese government's sensitive data have been hacked and under sales on the net , including the data monitored by Taiwan's secret police this time.   It's almost been a consensus among all the people that our government can not protect our privacy and national security.  Furthermore, many diplomats and offices of foreign countries (including Japan, Canada, S. Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Denmark, etc) in Taiwan were suspect to be eavesdropped by national security unites, which may triggers diplomatic issues. brief udn.com/news/story/7338/7631855?from=udn_ch2_menu_v2_main_cate

The China Times (中時) , editorial , 2023-5-23: 23 millions of Taiwanese household administration data and 28 millions of labor insurance data have been leaked and were sold to fraud groups - all personal data of Taiwanese were sold out, Taiwan government looked the other way as its citizens were in fraud for leakage of their personal data.    chinatimes.com/opinion/20230521002651-262101?chdtv


  CTV News (中) ,  2023-5-8:  Governmental officials stole and sold Taiwanese people's health insurance data; 240,000 data of public officials including the spies managed by the Ministry of Civil Service have been on sale on international internet.  Unlike Singapore, Taiwan fails to make digital personal ID, because civil communities, scholars, even Academia Sinica all opposed it, for worrying Taiwanese personal data might be lost.   youtube.com/watch?v=9bJZQUY0SCY 庶民大頭家


The China Times (中時) , editorial , 2023-5-5: Endless fraud cases in Taiwan!  it is undeniable that those crimes are indeed related to Taiwan police discipline。Public comments had no idea at all that it's an inside job. (「內神通外鬼」)。The "Social security net" is proved to be broken -  they fail to protect citizens' personal basic data/information  chinatimes.com/opinion/20230505004211-262101?chdtv

horrible experience after questioning NPM policy

United Daily
(2023-6-4): Dr. Su Hung-dah (蘇宏達) questioned National Palace Museum's cultural policy in 2018, one year later he was investigated with no reason and was given troubles (「查水表」) by the governmentSu deplores with sighs for the horrible experience

top politicians plagiarism

  computer wave

Su Hung-dah (蘇宏達), dean of the College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University, reveals he was threatened by National Security Bureau ( state machine ) that "we can watch your LINE (
the predominant texting on-line app. in Japan and Taiwan, similar to FB message) "  during the review process to examine major politicians' theses.  Eventually, NTU Evaluation Committee said 林智堅 (Lin Chih-chien), HsinChu ex-mayor and the ruling party's candidate for TaoYuan mayor copied thesis, and vice premier 鄭文燦  (Cheng wen-Tsan) was found plagiarism, besides, ex-chief of National Security Bureau, an advisor of both politicians was reported joining the cheating scandal.  udn.com/news/story/6656/7209585?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub6656_pulldownmenu_v2  taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2022/08/10/2003783288 udn.com/news/story/6656/7209585?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub6656_pulldownmenu_v2  taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2022/08/10/2003783288


Law maker (2023-6-2) criticized :What an authoritarian era ? (「這是什麼威權時代嗎」)

United Daily (2023-6-4): In addition to be scolded on the net, prof. Su was warned "Don't go your own way !"  (「不要一意孤行」), "some mafia big-brother is not happy" (「有大哥不高興」)  udn.com/news/story/7338/7211162?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub7338_pulldownmenu_v2


AFP (2011-12-1), Yahoo Singapore (Nov. 30, 2011) and media in Australia, Ireland, Thailand (Bangkok Post) etc reported National Taiwan university professor Ruey-shiung Lin (林瑞雄) claimed magnetic attacks by Taiwan's intelligence


Liberty Times (自由時報),  2023-1-13: The leakage of Taiwanese personal information is an issue of national security  talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1562388

United Daily, 2023-1-11: Personal information is leaked everywhere, information security full of holes is the national security crisis; The household reg. information of the entire country have been on sales on the internet ─ Cyble (USA) said in May, 2022 that personal information of 20 million Taiwanese people were on sale in the price of USD 2500...   udn.com/news/story/11091/6901188?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub11091_pulldownmenu_v2

★ US Naval Institute , May, 2022  (usni.org/magazines/proceedings/2022/may/preparing-post-invasion-taiwan-insurgency): Taiwan has extensive networks of closed-circuit TV cameras, and issued a national health insurance smartcard that tracks medical histories. In 2020, the ROC government used sophisticated social monitoring tools in its successful efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Taiwan, such as the geofencing of cell phones. Already in pre-pandemic 2018, its legislature had held hearings about digital privacy after a human-rights advocacy group report alleged massive collection of online and cell-phone data by security services and police agencies.

United Daily (聯合報), 2022-10-30:
 23 millions Taiwanese personal data are "peddled" on the net (國人戶政個資外洩, 網兜售2300萬台灣人資料);  County mayor 林姿妙 and 陳歐珀,former County mayor 呂國華林聰賢 personal data are available to view  udn.com/news/story/8466/6725058?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub8466_pulldownmenu_v2    The Ministry of the Interior shifts the blame to the entire government concerning leak of personal data (國人戶籍資料外洩 內政部甩鍋給整個政府)  vip.udn.com/vip/story/122365/6725129?from=udn-category   Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Civil Service both leak Taiwanese personal data before  (外交、銓敘部 都曾外洩個資 udn.com/news/story/8466/6725053?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub8466_pulldownmenu_v2   We failed to protect our personal data, not to mention national security ? (資安失守 奢談國安) udn.com/news/story/8466/6725047?

Global Times, 2022-8-11:  under the guise of "democracy", the DPP authorities are practicing "green terror".

National Post , 2022-9-28: Taiwan has tracked thousands of quarantining people at a time using their cell phones and even now still requires travellers to purchase a SIM card with a local number.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/good-culture-how-taiwan-avoided-pushback-to-stringent-covid-rules/ar-AA12mb7x

United Daily, 2022-10-19: The Draft Amendment of Digital Sexual Violence Crimes in Legislative Yuan has some loop-holes, e.g., private videos and photos fail to be removed in time, images in foreign countries cannot be managed, many consented intimate images are used as means of threatening and coercion, but there is no legal mechanisms for prevention ... udn.com/news/story/6656/6696771?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub6656_pulldownmenu_v2

United Daily (聯合報), editor in chief 2022-9-26: When the major election is coming, negative tactics becomes headline news - a Green friendly celebrity (zh.m.wikipedia.org/zh-hant/周玉蔻)  tears the scab right off candidate's sore again and again (挖人瘡疤、毀人名節) ;  politicians in both DPP and KMT party were victims by so-called controversial DVD (非常光碟) in elections in 2004, 2005, and 2007, however, it's from bad to worse in this year, Zhou (周玉蔻) in FTV digs the dirt (love-affair scandal) on Taipei mayor candidate's father (Wayne Chiang's father John Chiang), the TV rating was rising a lot, NCC(國家傳播通訊委員會)keeps silent till now...  brief  udn.com/news/story/11091/6641034?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

★ Amnesty International, June, 2021  amnesty.org/en/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/English.pdf

The government took several measures to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, some of which threatened the right to privacy.
Mass surveillance / In January, the government introduced a series of measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19, some of which threatened the right to privacy. The government established a digital framework of mass surveillance and connected government databases, such as travel and health insurance records, for the purposes of tracking and tracing. Over 35 government departments were able to constantly monitor people’s movement and other activities, including the purchase of surgical masks, through this platform. The government provided few details about its use of the platform, nor specified when the data collection measures would end

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, 2021 Global State of Democracy

there are continuing concerns over official collection of information regarding people’s pandemic-era movements: specifically, smartphone-related software used to track individuals and hence infection transmission chains via contact tracing, and the potential centralization of databases containing official information on individual health and travel history. Responding to these concerns,... GOV.  stated that all information would be kept confidential and deleted after 28 days...


★ Apple Daily (蘋果日報) , 2021-4-26 :  Japan and Korea already established a specific institution fully responsible for protection of personal data a long time ago, but Taiwanese government reneged its promise, and put digital industry development ahead of protection of personal data and privacy.   Taiwan's domain of politics often mixed up Taiwanese privacy and information safety.      tw.appledaily.com/forum/20210426/6XNTM2WBHVDV7MPR2XQ7JMMAZE/ 周冠汝

★ United Daily (聯合報), editorial,  1-3-2021:   It is legitimate inference that the "skynet - electronic fence" has already been used by the Intelligence on national security or social security.  The point is whether or not the parliament gives authorizationsthe Judiciary examines or reviews it? Taiwan just did it by Imparity clauses (overlord provision, one-side agreement) without  authorizations !   How to avoid the government's abusing its power?  just compare with Israel, Are we proud of Taiwan ?? udn.com/news/story/7338/5142555?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

★ Apple Daily (蘋果日報), 1-6-2021, opinion, professor & dean of Law School, 南台科技大學財經法研所 :  Taiwan has no coordinated sets of specific laws which aim at avoiding the government's abusing its power.

★ The China Times (中國時報), 1-6-2021,  Law maker:  Taiwan like a police state already showcased Orwellian surveillance for all the people ? the human rights protected by the Constitution has been in danger for a long time... The government had not admitted the "skynet - electronic fence" until law-makers questioned them a number of times。 The government has never clarified whether or not it was "epidemic prevention" on the surface, actually doing nation-wide monitor.  The fact has been hidden in the black-box.  As for so-called notification of citizen is "act with discretion" or violation of the law, there's no S.O.P. to protect Taiwanese privacy. (brief)   / 天網恢恢 監控全民 chinatimes.com/opinion/20210105005166-262105?chdtv李貴敏


top rankings on Yahoo, Bing, Google (USA), MetaGER (Europe), Yandex (Russia), Baidu (China)



pic." No.1 "Taiwanese privacy" on MetaGER.de of Europe, 2021-9-12, 2021-8-9, 2021-6-24, 12-1-2019,11-09-2019;
 No.2 at 2021-5-4, 2021-4-24

pic." No.1 "Taiwanese privacy" on Yahoo search engine, 2021-8-9, 12-1-2019, 11-09-2019; No.2 at 2021-9-12



★  People's Daily, 10-15-2020, commentary: Taiwan's Intelligence strictly monitors its own people, which is called "Green Terror". http://js.people.com.cn/BIG5/n2/2020/1015/c359574-34350271.html

 New York Post  4-25-2020 : Taiwan deals CovID with "a lot more authoritarian.", "almost everyone is tracked.", "Children have their temperature taken at school and are sent to the hospital if they have a fever."    Taiwan govt. responded at 4-28-2020: Taiwanese would like to cooperate with our policy.   ps: UDN 5-7-2020 editorial:  No Taiwanese were told being monitored until govt. started its int'l propaganda campaign.  UDN 5-9-2020 : Taiwan's infra-red thermograph (for CovID-19) in dept store, rapid transit station, made women almost naked, and triggered questions.
    CNBC  7-15-2020:  ... the government’s response felt a little intrusive. “The use of smartphone location tracking to monitor folks in quarantine and alert people who had possible exposure to someone had been diagnosed with COVID-19 did underscore how much power the government potentially has to monitor individuals’ movements,” ... would like more clarity into how that data will be protected after the pandemic.”

★  Apple Daily (蘋果日報), 2021-4-12 How much longer for a Taiwanese "Stalking Prevention Act."? The US (1993), Japan(1999), Europe(2013) all made related laws. Taiwan already has several unwanted stalking toward victim which results in death or  injury . appledaily.com/forum/20210412/OYNERNWAIZAJLJNBUVJA2UG6FE/   李俊宏


pic.  No.1 "Taiwanese privacy"

on US Google,

2021-1-6, 3-1-2020


 Apple Daily, 11-10-2020: It's a reality in today's Taiwan that the omniscient government absolutely manipulate each national's personal data which were collected all the time since he(she) was born, e.g., each person's health & medical data/information was forced without agreement of the party to be opened on purpose of business and academic use.澄社評論:政府掌控個資 至死不休(吳全峰)

★  Apple Daily 12-22-2020,  private photos were frequently secretly spread (95% are female's) without agreement, Taiwan needs better law and education   (tw.appledaily.com/forum/20201223/PWTCMLJ3SRHGHCKUEASO6A63JU/)   /  鄭子薇/台灣檢察官、王紫菡/高雄市女性權益促進會祕書長

《鏡》(Mirror Weekly), July 3, 2019:  <Five Eyes> (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ) gave Taiwan warnings: personal data of Taiwan's all 8 intelligence agencies (National Security Bureau '國安局'、Military Intelligence Bureau '軍情局'Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice '調查局'Police '警政署'、Prosecutor Office'檢察署'Coast Guard Administration'海巡'Civil Service Ethics Dpt. '政風'Military Police '憲兵') leak to China. 


★  Taipei Times, 2021-4-23:


The Executive Yuan yesterday approved a draft bill to prevent stalking, which, defines stalking as a range of unwanted behavior that has a sexual or sex-related motive, is persistent or repeated, and engender fear in victims that could disrupt their normal lives.


opinion: The draft bill obviously includes not political stalking, such as the FBI (US) agents tailed a mob boss and had a seat close to that mob in a restaurant.  Eventually this became a headline news, and FBI lost the legal case in courthouse.


pic. left: paper's headline about 60 years ago - Mob boss says the FBI "harassing me"



pic.: United Daily , headline news, 11-8-2019: Pan Blue coalition (KMT) : Taiwan state apparatus leaks personal information (data), which the DPP used to attack KMT Presidential election candidate.  The president office: You're welcome to provide with evidence for that !


ps: Next Magazine's different views  https://tw.appledaily.com/new/realtime/20191116/1664331/

The United Daily News (聯合"台灣正苦等一部個資法") , Nov. 29, 2019 : Taiwan has been cooling its heels for a good <personal data protection law> (privacy laws) . / 興大university professor in Laws 廖緯民




pic.: The China Times (中國時報), 1-8-2020  :
Google sent notice to a blogger to warn some cyber invader supported by the gov. has been trying to steal his password